Case File: Krampus

Case File: Krampus

Krampus, a creature steeped in Central European folklore, stands as a mysterious and unsettling figure amongst the merry and cheerful holidays. Our records show that this horned, beastly entity was first seen around the 12th century in the Germany region.

Krampus said to roam the wintry landscapes during the Yuletide season, punishing those who have been not-so-nice during the year. Intelligence says that Krampus is adorned with rustling chains and cracked bells. Some say this is only a folktale, a combination of fear and tradition to teach children a lesson amongst festive celebrations. Others have used it for entertainment purposes. However, The Bureau knows the truth...

Be on the lookout. Make a list and check it twice. Be sure to report any findings of this beast to the Creature Capture department. There have been reports that he was last seen in Orlando in 2016 at the Universal Orlando Resort, but no reports since. Be safe. Happy Holidays!


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