What's an Adventure Game?

Instead of escaping a room, you're on an adventure to achieve a greater goal, whether it's hatching a Loch Ness Monster, foiling an evil genius, or otherwise.

What's the average mission time?

Missions last no longer than an hour.

How many recruits per mission?

2-8 recruits per mission.

Are the missions scary?

We currently do not have any horror-based missions.

When should I show up for my mission?

Recruits must arrive 15 minutes before their mission.

Where can I find the Bureau?

The Bureau has to keep a low profile, so you can find us in the Special Tee Golf plaza on International Drive.

5400 International Drive, Suite B
Orlando, FL 32819

Are your missions wheelchair accessible?

Every one of our missions is wheelchair accessible.

What is the recommended age for your missions?

The Bureau will accept any recruit that has a sense of adventure. Younger recruits must have a chaperone during their mission.

Can I book a private mission?

All of our experiences are private!

How much do our games cost?

Each mission is $34.99 per person plus tax.

What is your cancellation policy?

Missions can be cancelled 48 hours before your game for a full refund.

Can you accommodate large groups?

We offer many options for corporate groups or parties. Call us at 407-337-7856 and we can help you set up your next event.

What if you show up late?

We ask that players show up 15-20 minutes before their experience. If you are late, you can still embark on your mission, but with a shortened play time.