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mission description

A notorious mob boss has hired The Bureau to carry out a high-stakes mission: steal the ancient relic known as the Hand of Life. Your team will be accompanied by Melvin, a two-foot-tall daredevil, who has already made his entrance just outside the warehouse you'll be breaking into. Melvin's unique abilities as a puppet will prove to be a crucial element in the success of your mission, as he can perform tasks beyond the realm of what is possible for humans in the Puppetverse.

Difficulty Rating / Required Skills

Not everyone will be able to complete this mission! The Director is looking for Operatives that are able to work effectively amongst a team... with a puppet sidekick and out the box thinking, you will use his skills and abilities throughout the mission. Operatives should also have the following skills: problem solving, creativity, spatial awareness, resource utilization.

2-10 Operatives


$39.99 Per Operative

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Nestled within the heart of our adventurous escape room experience lies the ultimate haven for relaxation and camaraderie—a sophisticated bar and lounge that beckons our operatives to unwind and celebrate their triumphs. Our well-stocked bar boasts a selection of craft beers, local beers, seltzers , wine, soda, coffee, juice and other non-alcoholic beverages to cater to diverse tastes, ensuring that every guest finds a refreshing libation to complement their escape room adventure. This unique fusion of entertainment and relaxation offers a seamless blend of excitement and leisure, making it the ideal destination for those seeking an unforgettable night out.

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How to Get to the bureau Orlando

The Bureau Adventure Games is strategically located on International Drive (i-drive), a prime tourist destination in Orlando, Florida. Our location is conveniently positioned just south of popular attractions such as Universal Studios, Fun Spot, and the outlet mall, making it easily accessible for visitors looking for an adventure. Additionally, we are situated just off of stop 4 of the iRide Trolley, ensuring hassle-free transportation for our guests.

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This was unlike any other escape game I’ve done. It’s more like being dropped into a mission in a video game. From the moment you walk into the building you are immersed in theming and it’s truly amazing.
Jess M.
The Bureau Orlando is rated 5 Stars!
Absolutely amazing, this place feels and looks like a movie set! 😍 .... We had to do 2 rooms in one day!
The Bureau Orlando is rated 5 Stars!
This is hands down the best escape room experience in Orlando! From the moment you walk in the door, you're immersed in a new world. It didn't feel like an escape room, and felt more like an adventure.
Nikolay L.
The Bureau Orlando is rated 5 Stars!
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