Case File: Cupid

Case File: Cupid

Cupid poses a recurring anomaly to The Bureau, his origins tracing back to ancient mythology. Known as Eros to the Greeks, Cupid is a celestial being intertwined with love and desire, persisting across diverse cultures while consistently embodying the role of a matchmaker. Our records highlight Cupid's recurrent presence throughout history, prompting heightened scrutiny from The Bureau, particularly concerning his capacity to shape significant romantic connections that could potentially alter global dynamics. While traditional narratives depict Cupid as a whimsical deity orchestrating romantic entanglements, modern investigations prioritize unraveling the extent of his metaphysical abilities and their implications on individuals' emotional well-being. We are working diligently to uncover the true essence of his influence and are devising robust containment contingency strategies.

Understanding Cupid's elusive nature remains paramount for The Bureau, given his profound impact on interpersonal relationships. As we delve deeper into his storied existence, efforts concentrate on discerning the mechanisms through which Cupid operates and mitigating any potential disruptions he may cause. Most recently he has been manipulating many dating applications and reality television programs. Be on the lookout Operatives, his arrow is swift.


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