What is an Adventure Game?

Welcome to the evolution of escape rooms...

Escape rooms introduced the world to the concept of a real-life video game, where you’re plunged into an immersive environment to escape some kind of danger. Escaping this impending doom — be it a mummy’s curse, a kidnapper, or otherwise — usually entails solving a series of puzzles to unlock doors with codes and keys.

But video games aren’t just about escaping hazards. They’re also about exploring, interacting with the world, and achieving other goals. Escape rooms should be too.

The Bureau’s adventure games build on the spirit of escape games and push the genre forward. With The Bureau, you can go on secret missions to save the Loch Ness Monster, infiltrate an evil genius’ lair, and more. Puzzles play an important part in these experiences, but our technology makes them — and the environment — work like you’d expect in a video game.

Need to pressurize some pipes? Cover them up — there’s no number code to plug in here. At The Bureau, expect 60-minute adventures.

Your mission is ready. Are you?