Orlando Escape Game The Bureau Opens Incredible New Alien-Themed Game

The Bureau is a different kind of escape game
Orlando Escape Game The Bureau Opens Incredible New Alien-Themed Game

The multiverse is a hot topic these days and The Bureau is inviting you to help save it. The premier escape game in Orlando, The Bureau has just opened a fourth game and this one is out of this world. UFO: Go For Launch tasks players with the job of helping an alien visitor to find his way back home.

The Bureau is a different kind of escape game. The experience begins the moment you open the front door and step into the lobby of a seemingly ordinary travel agency. However, once you get your briefing, things get taken to a whole new level.

The Bureau currently feature four different games: Lab at Loch Ness, Dr. Braingood, Puppet Heist: The Hand of Life and the newly opened UFO: Go For Launch. Each one is completely unique and features some challenging puzzles and fantastic sets and effects.

All of that gets taken up a notch with UFO: Go For Launch, which changes what you think of an escape game. Players investigate the mysterious disappearance of a popular podcaster after an alien craft crash-landed in her backyard. Without giving away any of the secrets, I’ll just say that players have to follow the clues she left behind (while getting some help from her fans) to help get this alien back home.

And this is just one of The Bureau’s four games. In addition to helping an alien to get home, you can also steal an ancient relic with a lovable puppet, stop a supervillain from destroying the planet and save the species of the creature of Loch Ness. Once you become an operative of The Bureau and receive your mission, you become immersed in this unique task.

What sets The Bureau apart from other escape games is the incredible theatrics. You’re not simply being told a story and asked to solve some puzzles. You are entering an immersive environment and becoming a part of the story yourself. Each experience is capped off with an epic finale, so be sure not to miss what’s happening around you once the game is finished.

And the experience doesn’t stop once you leave your mission. Players can stick around in the themed lounge, take photos with some amazing set pieces and take advantage of the bar, which serves beer and wine as well as coffee, water and sodas.

The Bureau is located on International Drive, near Universal Orlando Resort. Those looking to step off property and explore the multiverse can easily do so by checking out these unforgettable escape games.

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