Late Night Escape Room Fun in Orlando

Late Night Talking? How About Late Night Escape Rooms!
Late Night Escape Room Fun in Orlando
Late night immersive escape room experience in Orlando.

There’s nothing worse than wanting to go out to a restaurant or grocery store and finding that they’ve all closed by 10pm. A close second is wanting to do a late night escape room only to find out they’ve closed up shop early too.

Luckily, the multiverse always needs saving, so The Bureau has late hours to keep you going on escape room missions. Our very last experience typically starts at 11:15pm, so if inspiration strikes for a nighttime game, come visit us on I-Drive. We're practically across the street from Fun Spot, and we hear that it's huge. Just remember to arrive a little earlier than your schedule mission time for two reasons: we want to make sure that you have plenty of time to find our secret entrance, and you're going to have to sign waivers.

Interested in an experience that takes you on an even bigger adventure, even later in the night? Well, it sounds like an After Dark experience is right for you! Kick off a four game marathon starting at midnight with all-you-can drink coffee, and 50% off beer and wine. Learn more about it right here!


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