Escape The Crowds | Private Escape Rooms Near Universal Orlando Resort

Escape the Crowds and Heat at Universal Orlando Resort - Experience Private Missions and Refreshments at The Bureau Escape Room

Looking for a unique and refreshing break from the chaos of theme parks in Orlando? Look no further than The Bureau, an immersive escape room experience just steps away from Universal Orlando Resort.

Unlike other escape rooms, The Bureau offers private missions that provide you with a comfortable and immersive experience. With air conditioning and refreshments available at our bar, you can relax and unwind before or after your 60-minute mission.

Our attention to detail and commitment to creating an unforgettable experience sets us apart from other escape rooms. With secret passageways, hidden clues, and unexpected surprises, you will be fully immersed in a world of espionage and intrigue from the moment you step into our lobby.

So why wait in long lines and endure sweltering heat when you can escape to The Bureau for a refreshing and challenging private mission? Book now and experience the best indoor activity in Orlando!